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  • Nick Amb, Principal
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  • Today's Positive Office Recognition goes out to Caleb.  Caleb is in PK.  He helped clean up some water without even being asked.  He wanted to make sure his friends didn't slip.  Great work, Caleb.  Way to be responsible!!



  • Today we recognize Jacee!  She was nominated for the SOAR award for modeling good citizenship.  She helped her friends clean up a mess when she didn't have to.  Way to show kindness, Jacee!  We are proud of you!


  • Today we recognize Taylor.  Taylor was refferred by Mrs. Reimer for being a good friend and reassuring a younger student during a power outage.  Way to go!


  • We All Soar

    Today we recognize Christopher, for being a peacemaker at recess.  Way to use your skills Christopher.  That is awesome.  We are proud of you!!


  • We All Soar!

    Today we recognize two of our Eagles for SOARING!  

    Kate stuck around to help a friend with a mess, rather than just taking off.  She showed good citizenship and teamwork.  Way to go!



    Benjamin has been an amazing helper.  His teacher says he almost always stays to help put up chairs and put away class supplies.  His teacher Mrs. Benoit is proud of what a great helper he has been.  Good job Benjamin!!






  • Sixth and First Pair Together

    The sixth graders and first graders paired up to write Santa letters today.  It is so nice to see the older and younger students learning together!!




  • The second graders visited coral reefs using Virtual Reality googles.  Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Longtin led the expedition.  The expressions on their faces when the googles worked was the best!!



    Grade 4 Stem

    Grade 4 had a STEM challenge--to build a boat out of tin foil and other materials.  The one that held the most pennies held nearly 100 pennies!!



We All Soar

  • Today we are proud of Asher!  He is a good friend in his classroom, always cheering on his classmates when they get the answer correct, and encouraging them if they need to rethink and answer.  Great job, Asher!!  

    asher c

  • Today we are proud of Collin!  He was a good helper to a friend, and was helping in the classroom without just giving the answer.

    Way to go, Collin!  collin

  • We are proud of Rhyder G!   He was selected for the WE ALL SOAR award by one of the teachers at recess.  Rhyder saw a younger student had cold hands and was willing to share his gloves with them!   GREAT JOB Rhyder!!



  • Great job Gavin S, who was recognized by Mrs. Kartes for being a peacemaker.  Gavin intervened in a disagreement between boys that was diffused because of him.  Great job Gavin!! aaaa

Cold Weather On The Way

  • The days and nights are getting colder.  That said, it is a good time to remind everyone it is time to dress for the weather we are having. 

    If you are a family in need of clothing that fits properly, or is warm, or even just a pair of shoes.  Please check out the LOAN program.  It's confidential and there is no judgment.  


We All Soar!

  • Look at all the kids we have observed SOARING this week!!  

    I will make this a list, we have had a bunch of SOARING this week.  Proud of you all!!

    Marlee S--Showing great responsibility and citizenship, helped with gym clean up without even being asked!

    Jaelyn J--  Showing great responsibility and citizenship, helped with gym clean up without even being asked!

    Ashton--Finding a positive way to resolve a recess conflict.

    Leah-Taking time to help K students tie their shoes.

    Jayden-Taking time to teach another student a different way to tie his shoes. 

    Jennie C--Sharing her gloves so another student could have warm hands.


  • A late breaking SOARING update...LEVI J, way to go!   Levi took the time to help another boy get the swings untangled and did so safely as a good example for everyone.  Great job Levi!  


  • Congratulations Chaz!  He was recognized by one of his teachers for working so hard in math.  He is flying high and ready to take on multiplication!  

    We are proud of you, Chaz!!  Way to go!!



  • We All Soar



     Levi was recognized for displaying good teamwork and good citizenship for helping a friend find a lost assignment.  Thank you for modeling kindness, Levi!!



    Tayla was recognized for taking the time to help a kindergarten student with the milk tray in the hallway.  That shows great teamwork and is a wonderful example of showing kindness toward others.  Proud of you, Tayla!!




  • gagapit

    The Gaga Pit

    A great new addition to our playground!!  Thanks to all who made this possible!!  The HS shop kids got the first game as they were the ones who built it.  


Our Vision

  • As an elementary staff, we created our "vision" for what we want to see North Border-Walhalla Elementary become this year.  This is what we came up with.  I'm pretty proud of our staff!

    Our school strives to create a positive learning atmosphere where students can excel, families are welcomed, and all are respected.  We want our students to have a sense of excitement, wonder, and internal drive as they seek excellence in their own learning.   We take care of each other, ourselves, and aren’t afraid to share the load.  We support each other and model that support and trust for our kids.  We appreciate our kids, our staff, and our parents.  We are North Border Walhalla Elementary!


  • To help carry out our vision of a great elementary, the teachers chose a theme.  This year it is simply "BE KIND."  We will be working on kindness all year.  Students developed a kindness pledge in their classes and then signed (or will sign soon!) Gilbert as a way of promising to be kind to others.  Gilbert will be rotating from class to class, reminding us to be kind.




We All Soar!!

  • Four great kids were observed "SOARING" over the past couple of days!  

    Brody B took time to make sure one of our newest students felt welcome, and included him to join in the football game at recess.  His small act of kindness helped someone else have a great day!




    Kolter K was also nominated for including others.  He was waiting for a new student at the grade 6 door to make sure they felt welcome to join in their football game.






    David stepped in as a new friend for Lance the moment he met him, and helped him get unpacked and ready for his first day here at North Border!



    Zaiden was nominated for showing extraordinary leadership and school spirit by entertaining all the elementary kids waiting for the parade with the "Baby Shark" cheer!  






    All four of these young men make our school a better place every day.  Great job, guys!





  • I am a firm believer in kids getting positive recognition.  This year, we are doing "We all soar!" where students can be referred by a teacher or an adult for modeling self-control, hard work, courage, good attitude, teamwork, citizenship, responsibility, or honesty.

    Kaden was recognized for making good choices in the hallways and showing self control.   He was nominated by Mrs. Smith.  Good job Kaden, you set a good example for others!  



    Our first positive referral this year is Christopher L, who was nominated by Mrs. Hardy.  Christopher took the time to help a younger student who had tripped in the hallway, and he made sure the hazard was out of the way for others.  Great example, Christopher!!  Way to go!!

    We all soar!

  • The Northern Lights Scout Council representative will be at school to talk to students on Tuesday, September 4 during noon lunch.  This is for boys and girls grades K-5.  He will be holding a parent/student meeting for families interested on Wednesday, September 5 at 6 PM in the LUNCHROOM. Please use door 2 (old gym door) to enter. 

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